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How can I get Putty to display back to my
system? Is there an X Client program
available to help me do this?

Even if i export DISPLAY I still get
"Error: Can't oprn display: hostname.xxx.com:0.0


Re: Putty X Clients

Sam T. sez:
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You need an X server. Install cygwin, it comes with XFree server.

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Re: Putty X Clients

Dimitri Maziuk wrote:
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And the enable "X Forwarding" in Putty.  The DISPLAY variable will be
set correctly in the shell, no need to modify it.


Re: Putty X Clients

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Check out NetSarang's products.

http://www.netsarang.com /

Xmanager: PC X Server
Xshell: SSH/Telnet Client
Xftp: SFTP/FTP Client

Xshell is easy to use and much better than Putty. It integrates with
Xmanager, so you don't need to individually start up an X server in
your Windows because Xmanager will be automatically brought up if X
clients are called from Xshell and need to be show up on your Windows.
It also integrates with Xftp so you can make copy/move of files and
directories using Windows drag&drop.

Make you life easier~

PS: Cygwin is too heavy. You don't need to make your Windows to become
Unix server while you can just have an X server instead.

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