Putty versus DOS Window - what are the differences?

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I am using Putty to successfully open a shell window on my laptop
(Computer A) to an XPPro computer (Computer B).  I also have VNC
running between the computers and can therefore fire up a DOS window
directly on Computer B, while sitting at Computer A, for comparison

I'm running a command on Computer B that uses plink to connect to and
run a command on Computer C.

If I fire that command from the DOS window, Computer B connects to
Computer C and all is well.  If I fire that command from the shell,
Computer B does not connect to Computer C.  I have confirmed this by
looking at the logs on Computer C.  Something is blocking the shell
from communicating with Computer C, even though the firewall on
Computer B is obviously configured such that plink can find Computer C
from the DOS window of Computer B.

The error message from plink is:
Unable to open connection
Host does not exist

Is it possible that the shell's user has less permissions than the
user I emulate on Computer B?  I am using freeSSHd as the server, in
case that matters.  The freeSSHd server is running as a system
service, so I wouldn't have thought that the shell (which also runs as
a system service) would have fewer rights than the DOS window running
as an Administrator, but I could be wrong on that.

I'm hopeful that somebody has run into this before and can point me in
the general direction of tracking down if not fixing the problem.  If
so, that would be greatly appreciated.



Re: Putty versus DOS Window - what are the differences?

Never mind.  It was, as I suspected, an issue having to do with the
freeSSHd service being run from the SYSTEM account rather than from
the Administrator account.  Once I changed the service to run from the
Administrator account, the shell had permissions which were equivalent
to the DOS window and plink found the remote machine (Computer C).

Sorry for the intrusion.



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