PuTTY use on Athlon based Windows XP Pro system

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Does it work? I'll download the PuTTY zip archive if I get a positive
response. Otherwise I'll need help. My system runs an AMD Athlon XP-M 1600+
cpu, using Windows XP Pro.

I'm asking because all the download listings I've seen say "on InTel x86".

Re: PuTTY use on Athlon based Windows XP Pro system

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Yes. By "Intel x86" we mean the instruction set architecture, not the
specific manufacturer of your processor -- "Intel x86" as opposed to the
DEC Alpha, which we also support. The Athlon emulates an Intel x86.

Re: PuTTY use on Athlon based Windows XP Pro system

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Hmm, that hadn't occurred to me :-) I wrote `Intel x86' simply
because that seemed to me to be the commonly used name for the CPU
architecture shared by both Intel's and AMD's x86-range processors.

I certainly have no particular reason to think PuTTY wouldn't work
fine on an Athlon. The Windows code runs fine on Alpha (last I
heard) and at least the platform-independent code has been
successfully tested on an even wider range of processors. I haven't
used any Intel-specific machine instructions (unless MS's compiler
has done so without my consent, but that seems pretty unlikely).

If I were you I'd go right ahead and download PuTTY. If it does fail
to run but runs fine on Intel CPUs, that's probably a bug and I'll
be happy to look into it given a detailed report.

If you were confused by the use of the phrase `Intel x86' on the
website, could you recommend an alternative wording that doesn't
unfairly exclude Athlon? Just `x86' seems slightly terse to me,
particularly since these days it's been a long time since any of the
processors in question _actually_ had a name ending in `86' :-) I
could say `IA-32', but that's not such a well-known term and less
educated users might have trouble working out if it means them or
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