PuTTY tunnels lag on Windows 7

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I have been a long time PuTTY user and had great success on WindowsXP
but have recently installed PuTTY on Windows 7.  Most features seem to
generally work, except I have a network lag when using tunnels created
by PuTTY.  The lag is about 5 seconds on initial connection and goes
away after initial connection... The lag is also noticeable again
after leaving the connection idle for a minute or two.

Another piece of information regarding this lag is during the initial
lag when I try to execute command line commands on the console like
"ls -l" and the PuTTY console is frozen and I see no echoed
characters.  Finally when the tunnel data comes through on my browser,
the console also updates with the output from the command.

I tried making the same tunnel with plink and the lag does not
happen!?!?  All tunnel connections with plink are snappy.  I am
connecting to a server on my local net over ssh so I can rule out any
internet lag.

Does anyone have any ideas why this would be happening?  Is anyone
else experiencing this lag?
How can I fix this laggy behavior with PuTTY tunnels?


Re: PuTTY tunnels lag on Windows 7

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Quoted text here. Click to load it

I've had a brief play around with tunnels on Windows 7 (32-bit Windows
on 64-bit hardware) with version 0.60 of PuTTY, and not been able to
provoke any "laggy" behaviour. I haven't heard any other reports of
anything similar.

What version of PuTTY are you using? Your setup is somewhat vaguely
described; can you give more details? (By email to the PuTTY development
team address if you'd rather not here.)

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