puTTY to Windows 200k W/ OpenSSH OK; SFTP not OK

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I've recently set up OpenSSH on a Windows 2000 box and I've set it up
to the point that I can connect remotely through PuTTY no problem. I'm
now trying to either do scp through WinSCP or SFTP through SecureFX.
WinSCP times out. SecureFX reports Channel Closed: 00000000 (The
operation completed successfully. ) and immediately disconnects.

If someone could let me know what to try to troubleshoot this, I would
be happy to post the output of something, but I don't what to check

Any and all help appreciated!

Michael Salmons

Re: puTTY to Windows 200k W/ OpenSSH OK; SFTP not OK

Quoted text here. Click to load it

Run the server in debug mode to see what's failing:

I would guess that the "sftp-server" binary is missing or has some other
problem causing it to not run.  (I think winscp uses sftp too, however if
it uses scp then the same applies but for the "scp" binary).

Darren Tucker (dtucker at zip.com.au)
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Re: puTTY to Windows 200k W/ OpenSSH OK; SFTP not OK

turned out the shell executables were in the wrong folder, or at least
different than the location indicated in /etc/passwd. Once I changed
passwd to reflect the correct location, everything worked fine!

Thanks, Michael

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