putty to host, then plink to next host

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I am implementing a telnet->SSH gateway to allow a legacy Windows
application to become PCI compliant. The legacy application currently
only supports outbound telnet.

My solution is to install a local telnet server, such as kpym, and
configure to only accept connections from the localhost (
This works fine.

I telnet (microsoft telnet) to, then issue:
 plink destination.domain.com
And complete the login. It works.

My problem is that outbound characters are scrambled going through the
first telnet to the second. The faster I type, the more likely a
scrambled character. If I use paste to insert the characters, I have a
jumbled mess.

I ran a test where I used putty (configured as telnet) to connect to; Then used plink to connect from there out as before. This
works flawlessly, I can paste away and not see any scrambled data. So
putty includes some sort of support that allows it to connect through
itself, which the Microsoft telnet client does not include.

While it doesn't surprise me that the Microsoft telnet client is
deficient, unfortunately my legacy application's telnet client
exhibits the same scrambled data behavoir.

Any clues? Anyone know the insides of putty well? It is quite a peice
of work. I hate to bother Simon Tatham and company (the Putty
developers). It's an unusual request - I want to see what they have
done right that others have done wrong.

I am trying other telnet servers, to see if they have the same
behavoir. So far, several do.

I will also try some other good telnet clients, to see if they work as
well as putty does.

Any helpful hints are greatly appreciated.

Bob Stark

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