PuTTY telnet connection fails (was: Operating System Error 53:)

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Guju <patelroshanr(at)yahoo.com.au> wrote at first to "comp.terminals":
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..and then, in a second plaintive message...

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Dear Guju:

I suspect that no one has responded because you have not given
enough information about the problem.

You have not told us what release of PuTTY you are using, nor have you
said on what kind of machine and operating system PuTTY is running.

You mention "our server" and "different server", without giving the
reader any idea what type of systems these servers are.  Your message
lacks such important details as the name and release ID of the
operating system (or systems).

You mention "rebuilding of server", but the exact meaning of this
phrase is not clear.

There is no information supplied about the network configuration.

You have not specified whether or not you can connect to your server
by telnet, but using some client program *other* than PuTTY.

You have not specified whether or not you can connect to your server
via an SSH connection, using either PuTTY or some other client.

You mentioned "another session" that actually works, but you did not
say whether the parameters of this other session are believed to be
the same or are known to be different.

You might consider the advice of Eric Raymond, shown here...


..which will *not* solve your problem but which may give you some
idea about how to ask your question in a way that will make it
possible for some reader of a Usenet newsgroup to help you.

Come to think of it, a more appropriate newsgroup for your question
is probably "comp.protocols.ssh", anyway.


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which, however, contains no caffeine.

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