putty ssh tunnels as a service on windows xp

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I use putty ssh tunnels to enable SMTP and IMAP services over the
internet because I dont want to open them directly to anyone.
I would like now to have the putty client opened when I turn on my
computer, or better, when I have internet access.
I then created a DSA priv and pub keys, created a profile under putty
with some options as "Dont allocate pseudo terminal", "Dont start a
shell or command at all", and some ther stuff to passby the login
prompt, but still am unable to not being prompted for a login or
I would really like to be able to add a command on the Windows
"\localmachine\soft\microsoft\windows\curversion\run" and have my
tunnels autocreated with some chosen login name and without any window
Is there a way to do so, and have as the cherry over the pie this ran
as a service when Net is On ?
Thanks to all for replies,

Patricio Stegmann

Re: putty ssh tunnels as a service on windows xp

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If you don't want to be prompted for a password, you need to use an
unecrypted (passwordless) private key.  This carries some obvious risks,
but you can minimize the risks by, for example, using an account on the
remote host that doesn't have shell privileges, so it's only good for
setting up tunnels.

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Yes.  One problem though is that ssh connections will typically go down
after a while.  The connection may fail, or it may still exist but not pass
any data.  You need a mechanism for detecting failed connections, or
connections that still exist but have stopped passing data, and starting a
new connection.

I do this by running autossh (http://www.harding.motd.ca/autossh /) in
Cygwin.  I use cygrunsrv to install it as a system service, and tell it to
use a passwordless private key file.  Now that it's set up, I haven't had
to touch it in months.  The autossh service starts at boot, and the tunnel
is always there.  If you install Cygwin, autossh, and cygrunsrv, then the
instructions for doing this are in /usr/share/doc/autossh-*/README.Cygwin.

Note that this solution doesn't really run only when the net is on; it runs
all the time, which is fine for me since I have a persistent net
connection.  If your net connection is down, it will just try to connect
every 5 minutes or so (tunable), which is fine, unless it causes your
dialup connection to try to start.

Good luck,

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Re: putty ssh tunnels as a service on windows xp

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Yes, autossh works really great for me, even on dialup.

Raqueeb Hassan

Re: putty ssh tunnels as a service on windows xp

Take a look at www.stunnel.org.  Uses SSL to encrypt data.  Can be
run as a service.

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