PuTTY SOCKS bind command returns "general SOCKS server failure"

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I have access to an SSH server that will only allow me to use tunnels. I ca=
n connect to it with PuTTY, and I can manually configure both local-to-remo=
te and remote-to-local without problem.

Now I'd like to redirect all network traffic (outgoing and incoming) of a l=
ocal application (that I'm writing) through that PuTTY session.

I configured a dynamic tunnel in PuTTY, and I'm trying to connect to it usi=
ng the SOCKS v5 protocol. For outgoing connection (the 'connect' SOCKS comm=
and 0x01) everything is fine. However when I try to bind ports (the 'bind' =
SOCKS command 0x02), I receive the error code 0x01 described as "general SO=
CKS server failure" in the RFC1928.

I can't find any reference to the SOCKS bind command in the PuTTY documenta=
tion. There is a specific error code that PuTTY could return if it didn't s=
upport the 'bind' command (0x07 "Command not supported"), so I can only ass=
ume that PuTTY supports 'bind' but that something is wrong with my setup.

Does anyone have an idea of what could be going wrong? Also does anyone hav=
e any experience using SOCKS bind with the PuTTY built-in SOCKS server?

Note that I tried using two different SSH servers (one of which I have cont=
rol over were tests needed). I'm using PuTTY 0.62 on Windows 7 Pro x64.



Re: PuTTY SOCKS bind command returns "general SOCKS server failure"

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I'm afraid not. PuTTY doesn't support SOCKS 5 BIND, and also doesn't
bother to return any particularly detailed error codes.
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