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Hi all,

I'm facing a certain strange issue when using putty client with a
proxy application that we develop. Our proxy works by setting up two
ssh connections on either side of it. So for example, if someone from
host A is trying to connect to host B, there will be two connections
made A->P and P->B (omitting the details of how the proxy inserts
itself into the path as they are irrelevant to the issue). The
existence of the two segments is transparent to A and B. The window
sizes and max packet sizes being negotiated on A->P segment are
duplicated on the P->B segment. When the P->B segment connection is
established -i.e when the shell channel request succeeds-, usually the
server sends back a window adjust which is relayed onto to A.
Ok, now onto the problem when the client is putty:
under normal circumstances, everything seems to be fine with the
shell, but if you ever send back large amount of CHANNEL_DATA from B
to A, the putty client never sends a window adjust and so the output
seems to hang after sometime as the server waits for the window to be
incremented. So doing a "cat" on a large text file for example will
"hang" the session after a few pages.

It seems there was a putty bug similar to this (putty ssh-window-
adjust) but apparently its been fixed so I don't know why putty
doesn't send back the window adjust unless its stuck in some loop
still processing the data. Other clients like the openssh client do
send back the window adjust and so are fine.

Any hints/feedback would be appreciated. I can send traces privately
if anyone wants to look at them. Tried putty version .58 onwards.

Thanks in advance!

Re: putty sliding window

On Wed, 01 Aug 2007 21:11:35 +0000, wet_undies wrote:

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    Having undertaken something similar recently, my approach was to
make sure to exhaust the window space available every time, by sending as
many packets as necessary. This always elicits the necessary window
adjust packet from putty.

Re: putty sliding window

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our window handling is something I'd like to work on, but enev now it
shouldn't be so bad that PuTTY stops sending WINDOW_ADJUST entirely.

Ben Harris

Re: putty sliding window

Hmmm, I was able to make the problem go away (so far) by manipulating
the window size on the server side connection to be half of that on
the client. The following shows what window size and max packet size
settings work as of now. Effectively, it makes the server think the
window is half of what putty has agreed to and so sends half as much
data in a packet. I didn't try out other settings to see at what point
it starts becoming a problem but just wanted to post the findings to
see if anyone might have some insight into this behaviour.

K.Jennings: it seems we get proper behaviour when we do opposite of
exhausting the window space. Again, too early to draw conclusion but
just an observation.
Ben: Thanks for replying!  Have sent you the putty log of the original

A: Putty 0.60
B: OpenSsh 4.2
P: Proxy


SSH_MSG_CHANNEL_OPEN:- chnType:session initialWindow:16384
SSH_MSG_CHANNEL_OPEN_CONFIRMATION:- chnType:session initialWindow:
16384 maxPacketSize:16384

SSH_MSG_CHANNEL_OPEN:- chnType:session initialWindow:8192
SSH_MSG_CHANNEL_OPEN_CONFIRMATION:- chnType:session initialWindow:0

followed by

bytesToAdd: 8192
which is forwarded to client A
bytesToAdd: 8192

Quoted text here. Click to load it

Re: putty sliding window

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For those who might be interested, the problem turned out to be that the
proxy was sending more data than PuTTY's window permitted, which caused
an integer underflow in PuTTY such that it thought the server had a
_huge_ window available, so it didn't need to send any more
WINDOW_ADJUSTs.  While this is obviously a bug in the proxy, it seemed
silly for PuTTY to respond like this, so it now copes more gracefully
with over-enthusiastic servers.

Ben Harris

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