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This question is not security related, but this is the only place I
could find mentioned on the PuTTY web site as a place to ask
questions.  Keepalive packets are showing up as ^?q characters in my
telnet session to an HP box.  Are there any  PuTTY settings or remote
terminal setting I can change so they are interpreted correctly?


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Someone else reported something very similar (HPUX, same characters) to
us in email. I sent the following reply to them, but they have not yet
replied in turn.

Hmm. That sounds plausibly like the Telnet NOP packet is being sent
through to your session verbatim, which probably means that your Telnet
server is broken. (It could also be something on the link mangling your
data, or a PuTTY bug.)

Does your alleged Telnet server actually speak the Telnet protocol?
PuTTY's Event Log should give clues (by showing whether there's an
active negotiation going on at startup). What does it look like?

(The Telnet protocol is quite similar to what PuTTY calls the "Raw"
protocol -- i.e. no protocol at all -- since most data is sent through
without any encapsulation, so it's common for the two to get confused.
You may have better luck using the Raw protocol.)

If your Telnet server won't accept Telnet NOP packets, then I'm afraid
PuTTY has no other way of sending keepalives. You'll have to fix your
Telnet server, or switch to SSH or rlogin.

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