PuTTY proxy problems

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Not sure if anyone can help, but figured I would try anyway.  I am
trying to use PuTTY through a proxy.  I had it all set up a couple
days ago and it was working fine.  Then I had to reboot and registry
settings got reset so all PuTTY settings were reset also.
  Firstly, I am trying to telnet to a server (external to our network)
on port 3000.  I know what our proxy server is here, and it is an HTTP
proxy.  My internet settings peg it on port 8080.  Now within my PuTTY
session, I had put the proxy server in, and I need to authenticate to
the server so I put in my username/password.  So, re-doing all this, I
cannot connect to the server anymore.  I get a PuTTY error: "Unable to
open connection to 555.555.555.555" the last two lines of the error
are "H" and then some special character.
  Now, when I was playing with the proxy settings the first time, I
recall something about using port 443 in the proxy settings, but I
don't remember if that is what worked or not.
  I am not sure if there were any other settings that made this work
that I am forgetting, so I am hoping some does something similar and
can tell me what I am missing.  When I got this to work the first
time, I was trying lots of different things so I am hopeful that I am
overlooking something.

Thanks for any help.

Re: PuTTY proxy problems

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Proxy type: HTTP

Host/port: (use your http proxy host and port)

Telnet command:
connect %host %port\n

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