puTTY problem in vi and idiot proof install program

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Putty Problem with vi:

Has anyone else noticed a problem with putty in vi?

I am using putty on several different windows platforms and a redhat 9
machine and have found the errors on all.  But for the sake of this
"error" report I will be refering to the error on my Windows XP Home
edition PC.  I have minimal applications running at the time when the
error occurs.  I have only the putty application opened and the
standard things like the clock volume and calander features of windows
running in the background. I use the term error lightly because putty
works fine in all aspects except for this minor bug in vi.  Ok..  Now
for the info about the system I am accessing with puTTY...  It's a SCO
5.0.5 machine with the following OSS suppliments and software
installed on it... (SCO Openserver Enterprise System Version 5.0.5,
OSS497C Core OS Suppliment, RS505A Release Suppliment for SCO
Openserver 5.0.5, RS505A Software Manager Suppliment, Y2K Supplimnet,
XPDF, UDK Compatibility Module, SCO VisionFS ver 3.10.905, Pacific
Codeworks INC Olympus Tuneup Ver 6.0.0N, Netscape Communicator ver
4.0.5b, NetTerminal Host Software for SCO Openserver ver 1.1.0b,
Multitech ISA/PCI ISI Cards Driver ver 3.00, Computone Intelliport
Plus Driver ver 2.2.1h, BackupEdge for SCO Openserver ver 01.01.08,
3Com Etherlink PCI ver 3.1.1) This machine is one of many we've seen
this "problem" on.  I'll use this one for my example...

Ok...  Here is how we have puTTY setup to access this machine...

Session -
 Host Name - <<<This is generic to protect the innocent
real address
                            is on local subnet...
 Port      - 23
 Protocol  - Telnet

 Logging -
 Logging Turned Off Compltely

Terminal -
 Autowrap Mode Initially On
 Use Background Colour to erase screen
 Answerback to ^E: PuTTY
 Local Echo: Auto
 Local Line Editing: Auto
 Remote Controlled Printer - lasernet

 Keyboard -
 Backspace Key - Control-H
 Home and End Keys - Standard
 The Function Keys and Keypad - SCO
 The initial State of Cursor keys - Normal
 The initial state of numeric keypad - Normal

 Bell -
 Make defualt system alert sound
 Bell is temperarily disabled when overused
 Overuse means this many bells - 5
 In this many seconds - 2
 Bell is reinabled after 5 seconds of silence

 Features -
 Disable remote window title querying (SECURITY)
 Disable destructive backspace on server sending ^?

Window -
 Rows - 25
 Columns - 80
 Lines of Scrollback - 200
 Reset scrollback on display activity
 Push erased text into scrollback

 Appearance -
 Cursor Blinks
 Gap between text and window edge - 1

 Behavour -
 Window Title - Our Company Name INC
 Warn before closing window

 Translation -
 Recieved Data Assumed to be in which data set - ISO-8859-1
 Use Unicode Line drawing code points

 Selection -
 Shift overides applications use of mouse
 Defualt selection mode - normal
 Colours and Fonts -

Connection -
 Terminal Type String - ansi
 Seconds between keep alives - 0
 Disable Nagle's Algorithm (TCP_NODELAY Option)
 Proxy -

 Telnet -
 Terminal Speed String - 38400, 38400
 Envirnment Variables - TERM ansi, EMULATION PUTTY
 Handeling of OLD_ENVIRON ambiguity -  BSD (commonplace)
 Telnet negotiation mode - Active
 Return key sends telnet New Line instead of ^M

 RLogin -
 Terminal Speed String - 38400, 38400
 SSH -
 Standard no changes here...

Now that you have a run down of how we are connecting in to our
server, here is where we experience the problem....

We log in to our server as root. Then working in bourne shell we enter
vi.  (example at # vi test)  In the file test, if you enter out beyond
the 80th column, exit and save the file.  Then when you vi the file
out beyond the 80th column everything doesn't align just right.  A
perfect file to try this on is to edit .profile in the root directory.
 You'll notice several entrys in this file that go out beyond the 80th
column.  You'll also notice that they don't align just right...

You're probably getting ready to go check what we have our columns and
rows defined to above...  You'll find that they are set to 25 rows and
80 columns... The reason why we set puTTY up to only go out to the
80th column is due to the specs of our software..  it won't display
right on anything set beyond 80 columns..  Also I have tried setting
puTTY to anything greater than 80 and it seems to still cause this
"error".  What it actually does is move characters around on the
screen.  It's funny because when you exit and re-enter the file you're
editing, it goes back to displaying normal.  You could simply scroll
down the document and back up (using the arrow keys or <CAP G> and it
will fix it as well.  It's mostly an annoyance.  If there is a way
around it we would be most appreciated.

Idiot Proof Install Program :
 I have created an idiot proof install program that we send out to our
customers that could be modified to suit other peoples needs...  it
allows them to select the IP address they are telnetting to as well as
what OS they are installing it on and puts all appropriate program
files and registry keys into their system without prompting them
further than a few next buttons.  It even has a progress bar.  it's
great.  It's written in VB5 and I don't wish to collect any royalties
from it if anyone wants it let me know.

Well hopefully I'll get some feedback about my vi problem.  Thanks
ahead of time!


Joseph Gill
Procom Solutions INC

Phone: 410-997-6777

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