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I have been using Putty on Win2000 for the last year with no problem.
I recently got a new IBM thinkpad running XP Pro Version 2002 Service
Pack 1.  I  am having a problem connect with secure shell in aix unix
box.  Every day I have to remove the registry key, delete putty,
re-start my laptop and download Putty again to get it to work with SSH.
 I am doing something wrong?


Re: putty on XP

david.ehresmann@ps.net writes:

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If you don't do this procedure what happens? Are there any error
messages? You may want to start an sshd instance on the server with
debugging on to see there's an issue there (it can be on some
non-standard port, say 2222).

You shouldn't be have to do all this.

David Magda <dmagda at ee.ryerson.ca>, http://www.magda.ca /
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Re: putty on XP

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In what way does it not work if you don't do this?  Does it work if you
delete the registry key and restart but don't delete and redownload PuTTY?
How about if you download a new copy but _don't_ delete the old one?

Ben Harris

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