Putty Keyboard Configuration (OT?)

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I would like to use putty to connect to my redhat box and execute an
application. Putty solved a lot of my problem of colors and keyboard
configuration problems.
I configured it very quickly and I fix my keyboard:
BackSpace key: Control-? (127)
The Home and End keys: standard
The function keys and keypad: linux
Initial state of cursor key: Normal
Initial state of numeric keypad: Normal
Enabled extra keyboard features: nothing marqued

All my ALT-key combinations and F? key works correctly.

Shift+F? doesn't work!

With termlite this Shift+F? worked, so I read output produced from
termlite and putty (with cat).

I would tranform this key combination:

Key            actual putty       termlite working
Shift+F1     from ^[[23~      to ^[[Y
Shift+F2     from ^[[24~      to ^[[Z
Shift+F3     from ^[[25~      to ^[[a
Shift+F4     from ^[[26~      to ^[[b
Shift+F5     from ^[[28~      to ^[[c
Shift+F6     from ^[[29~      to ^[[d
Shift+F7     from ^[[31~      to ^[[e
Shift+F8     from ^[[32~      to ^[[f
Shift+F9     from ^[[33~      to ^[[g
Shift+F10   from ^[[34~      to ^[[h
Shift+F11   from ^[[23~      to ^[[i
Shift+F12   from ^[[24~      to ^[[j

Can this be done? Why why putty replicate Shift+F11 and

Thank you in advance,

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