[PuTTY] How to make putty remember my login name?

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(For some darned reason, I cannot post this with Xnews, the post gets
sent, then waits forever for confirmation that does not come, and the
post does not get sent. I have to send through google groups because
of this for the time being. Please excuse me for this.)

I used to have a shortcut setup on my XP machine that would connect to
my Linux box with ssh and when the term window opened up, it would ask
for my password,  like this:

ohmster@'s password:

Then I would enter my password and be in the system. I did this by
making a windows shortcut that points to the saved session name like

"I:\Program Files\Putty\putty.exe" -load "Ohmster"

My computer crashed and now I cannot seem to  recreate this behavior.
When I try doing it now, I am asked who to log in as, this is what
happens now:

login as: ohmster
ohmster@'s password:
Last login: Fri Jan 11 12:07:02 2008 from missy
[ohmster@ohmster ~]$

Now I have to put my name as to  who I want to log in as, then I can
put in the password. I liked it better when I would just be asked for
ohmster's password. Does anyone know how to make putty login via
shortcut in windows to a Linux machine where it knows who  you are
already and only asks for the password?


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Re: [PuTTY] How to make putty remember my login name?

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The option is under PuTTY's Connection -> Data -> Auto-login name:

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