Putty - how do I speed up over a 3G card access???

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Hiya all,

The Putty software rocks - much better than my "Work Supplied"

When I'm using a Orange 3G card, on my XP laptop, when I'm out of the
office - Puty is really slow!  (I Telnet, SSH over a VPN clinet - into
my Corporate Network)

My putty (0.51)  Runs really slowly for some reason over this!

I've tried:
1.  A number of Unix Work Servers (Over a VPN access) - all the same...
2.  the "BROADBAND" access option on my VPN client - this speeds it up,
but still slow!

Exceed, my other Unix Terminal screen emulation software - dosen't work
at all over the 3G card!

Hope you can help  8)


Re: Putty - how do I speed up over a 3G card access???

martin.yau@orange.co.uk writes:
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I don't know about your connection speed problems (perhaps it's an
inherent property of the link?) but you should really upgrade your PuTTY
-- 0.51 is nearly five years old and has a number of security holes.
The current version is 0.58.

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