Putty hangs win2k machine

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I am using putty on win2k to connect to a debian linux machine using

it all connects and works OK but after a few minutes, putty completely

I cannot even close it using task manager. it tries to close the first
time but does nothing. then when I try again, task manager says
'access denied'. I have to restart the machine to get it back again.

I have not used debian or putty with ssl before so I don't know which
is at fault.

many thanks for any ideas


Re: Putty hangs win2k machine

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We've had a rash of reports similar to this recently, but people have
been reporting such behaviour on and off for years.

Our current knowledge is summarised at
<http://www.chiark.greenend.org.uk/~sgtatham/putty/wishlist/hard-hangs.html .
Does this match what you're seeing?

Since none of us has ever seen this, we're unlikely to be able to do
much about it without some detective work from the people who _are_
seeing it, to try to narrow down what it's correlated with.

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PuTTY and/or Windows. The remote system shouldn't be able to do this to
the local system.

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