PuTTY Hack

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At work I'm planning on replacing few thousand copies Tiny Term with PuTTY
in the next year or so and needed a few features.  After looking at the wish
list I figured one of them would never get written so I made a few changes
to the interface myself.  I need to be able to say were the main window
showed up.  I added command line options -xpos and -ypos and when both are
specified the window of course starts there.  If both are not passed in then
PuTTY behaves just as it usually would. I then created the XPosition and
YPosition reg values and made it so a user could save the starting position
from the config window.  Just wondering if you guys would be at all
interested in including the changes into PuTTY so that I don't have to
modify the source again when upgrading putty. If so just let me know and I
will send it along.

I would also like to plead for the ability for auto logging in without the
use of the command line.  I could just use -pw from the short cut but then
when a "user" tries to change their password it makes it difficult because
it might require some thinking on their part. Trust me, I'm not too fond of
auto login either but when people are use to it and don't even know they
have a password they don't like it when they have to start using one.  I
would use key auth but while the user intelligence thing comes into play. I
have been digging though the code to implement the changes myself but while
my understanding of C is not what it used to be and I don't know the code.
It looks easy to include, I'm just not sure were I need to start modifying
code. So if some beer and pizza bribes will get it written just let me know.


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