Putty forwarding dns lookups on port 53?

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I am using puttty to forward various ports to another server. Now I wanted
to forward the DNS lookups to the other server and setup a tunnel from port
53 to port 53. It is running BIND 9.2.1 on RedHat 9 (configured to answer
recursive queries from anyone, so the tunnel reporting an other source ip
should not be a problem).

However, I wasn't sucessful yet to get an DNS query through the tunnel. For
Example I try on the winXP client in a dos box: 'nslookup yahoo.de'. I do see a difference when the tunnel is established and when
not. But all I get back is:
----- snip ------
c:\WINDOWS\system32>nslookup yahoo.de
*** Can't find server name for address No response from server
Server:  UnKnown

*** UnKnown can't find yahoo.de: No response from server
----- snip ------

Is it posible to tunnel dns lookups with putty? how?


Re: Putty forwarding dns lookups on port 53?

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Standard DNS lookups are UDP while ssh forwarding is TCP.  Can your
client query via TCP?

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Re: Putty forwarding dns lookups on port 53?

Is there a programm I can convert UDP to TCP? like listening on a UDP port
and forwarding it to TCP?

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