puTTy: Connection reset by peer

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 Home System: Windows XP Home
 puTTy version:  0.58

 Event Log:
Looking up website.com
Connecting to (not a real IP address, just part of the
Failed to connect to
Network Error:  Connection reset by peer.

What I put in:   Under sessions:   website.com
  I go to SSH Tunneling. 3306
  or 3307 or 3400, whatever.

I run a local copy of mysql, which the different instructions say might
cause a conflict using port 3306.  So, I've switched to another port
that was advised (most) that I could use)
I included KEEP ALIVES to activate every second.

Both IP's block port 3306, so I cannot get to the data I need using a
connection between the website db and my own home copy.

Is there a better, user-friendly way, to do this, as we are dealing
with novice users who don't want to hear anything about SSH, or any
additional package (or having to use anything on the techincial
interface page) they would have to use in order to get their data.

I get a little glassy eyed (maybe because it's late on the East Coast),
looking at cygwin, being it's a unix interface running on a Windoze
platform.   Can having this help me out?   I'm not sure by what I've

Any ideas or should I just give up?  Iv'e been working on this for a
day and a half and am not getting anywhere.  I'm sure I'm just missing
something I didn't think of.


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