Putty connection refused, even if WinSCP3 works ?

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I cannot find anyone with my problem on the newsgroups consulted:
   1-I used to work with putty (for a vnc connection to an office) and
winscp to browse
      the network.
   2-Both used to work fine.
   3-Now, WinSCP still work when I provide the correct IP
   4-Putty does not work anymore.

Putty returns the window: PuTTY Fatal Error: Network error: Connection
Please, could I have some advise on how to debug my problem.
Should I use a sniffer to verify where Putty is blocked ?

Help, please.

Alain Lavoie

Re: Putty connection refused, even if WinSCP3 works ?

On Sep 24, 8:48 am, Alain.Lavoie.De...@gmail.com wrote:
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Well, the error is rather explicit. "Connection refused" effectively
means that there is no service to connect to. FWIW, WinSCP supports a
number of file transfer protocols, including SFTP. The fact that
WinSCP works is not an indicator that you have an SSH server to
connect to.

Things to ask about:
1) firewalls interfering with ssh access?
2) ssh server running on target system?
3) winscp using ssh protocol?
4) administrative blocks against interactive sessions (either in SSH
config, or in firewall)?

Re: Putty connection refused, even if WinSCP3 works ?

Alain.Lavoie.Dexto@gmail.com writes:

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Are you using the correct IP for putty?  Are you connecting on the
right port where ssh is listening?  Do you have any firewall software
perhaps not allowing putty out?  Are you using the latest release of
putty (unlikely related to the problem, but for security's sake, a
good idea)?

If putty is reporting connection refused, something on the network
layer isn't happy.

If you want another gui ssh client to try (but warning, you might get
hooked), download the trial of SecureCRT from

Or if you'd like a free commandline one, download cygwin.com and
select openssh from the network (I believe) section of the cygwin

Then open the cygwin shell and
        $  ssh -v IP.of.target

The -v option is for "verbose" and gives you debugging information you
can post here.

Best Regards,
Todd H.
http://www.toddh.net /

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