PuTTY + compression = possible?

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Hello !

I used ssh over slow lines, so compression can help in such
situations. Native UNIX ssh client have this possibility.
man ssh(1):
     -C      Requests compression of all data (including stdin, stdout,
             stderr, and data for forwarded X11 and TCP/IP connections).  The
             compression algorithm is the same used by gzip(1), and the
             ``level'' can be controlled by the CompressionLevel option.  Com-
             pression is desirable on modem lines and other slow connections,
             but will only slow down things on fast networks.  The default
             value can be set on a host-by-host basis in the configuration
             files; see the Compression option.

I think it's very frequently asked feature for ppls used
PuTTY over dialup connections.


Re: PuTTY + compression = possible?

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PuTTY already has a compression option.

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