Putty character mapping, e.g. } to , { to , etc.

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Dear NG,

sorry if this may be the wrong NG to ask, but whatever I searched it pointed

I am setting up a telnet connection to a server that requires the old
7bit-ASCII-to-international-character-mapping using the characters [\]
and ~. In many telnet applications one can define which characters these
should be mapped to. In German, for example, they would display and
. The reverse happens when typing these characters on the keyboard, i.e.
when an is types, [ is sent to the host.

Does anybody know how to enable such a conversion in putty? I am really
desperate here, and nearly ready to change the code...

Thanks for any pointers, including some to a better place to ask, if this NG
is not right.

Best regards,

Thomas Staudte

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