Putty and Winscp3 integration

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I was wondering if any one is interested in integrating winscp more
tightly with putty?
i have a proof of concept at:

This is very much proof of concept:

1. displays a winscp menu item
2. when you click on it, does CreateProcess(winscp.exe)
3. the correct directory is opened

1. winscp path is hardcoded (c:\program files\winscp3\winscp3.exe)
2. does not load up the proper profile:
basically execs: winscp username@host:path
So this will not work if you have a firewall configured

cybernytrix at y a h o o dot com


Putty SSHv2 client echo's locally

I am facing a problem with PuTTY. appreciate any inputs.
PuTTY SSHv2 client is local echoing all characters typed on the console.
my Operating System where SSHv2 server runs doesn't support PTY.
Hence PuTTY client's request for 'pty-req' is rejected and 'shell'
request is granted access.
After this, all characters typed on the SSHv2 console are  not
transmitted to server until 'Enter' key is pressed, upon
pressing the Enter key, all the characters are transmitted in one packet
and its followed by 2 WINDOW control adjust
packets[type= 93]
As a result of this all password typed on the client console which the
server would never echo are getting echoed on the client console.

Is this a known problem?

thanks in advance

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