putty and remote command

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I am having difficulty getting remote command to work and was hoping
someone could help me out. I am trying to run a bat file called
StopService.bat containing 4 net stop commands.

I first thought that the StopService.bat file had to live on the
target box but after reading a post i know believe it should be on the
server that is initiating the call. Is this correct?

In the GUI tool do i have to put the scriptname in the remote command
window or the full path to the file and the filename. The file lives
in the same folder as putty.exe

Whenever i try this on the command line i get an invalid port number
error. I use this line

putty.exe -load server1 -l xxxxx -pw zzzzzz -m StopService.bat

If i load server1 in the gui it works fine.

Any pointers would be helpfull.

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