Putty and ProxyCommand Support?

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Does Putty support anything like the ProxyCommand feature found within

I am trying to setup a proxy tunnel, and it works fine in Linux, but
I'm wondering if I can get it to work in Windows also.

Thanks for the help.


Re: Putty and ProxyCommand Support?

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Does the Connection-> Proxy panel have the options you want?  I
googled up a screenshot off cisco's site:


What exactly are you trying to accomplish?

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Re: Putty and ProxyCommand Support?

On Jan 8, 10:05 am, comph...@toddh.net (Todd H.) wrote:
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Ah, I got this figured out.  SSH on unix doesn't appear to natively
support Proxys, that is why the ProxyCommand is used to pipe data to
the external program.  Putty does support proxies out of the box.  I
was confused on what the ProxyCommand was actually doing.  Thanks Todd
for the push in the right direction.


Re: Putty and ProxyCommand Support?

On 8 Jan 2007 12:27:16 -0800

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It is true that SSH delegates proxy connectivity to a designated
program. It keeps with the UNIX philosophy of using small programs and
tying them together with pipes or other interprocess communication.

The upside of using a separate program for proxy communication is that
it provides great flexibility to pierce any proxy, not just a web

With PuTTY, you could use a tunnelling program that listens to a local
port and pumps the data through the proxy. That would effectively do
the same thing. You would then point your PuTTY to localhost and the
port the program is listening to.


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Re: Putty and ProxyCommand Support?

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Yes. The current PuTTY development snapshots support exactly the
same feature on Windows. We're in the final run-up to a release, so
those snapshots should be pretty stable in general.
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