Putty 0.54 Bug? -- Using a Proxy server with Plink

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I have Putty 0.54 working over a proxy server (Apache 1.3.12)
and it works beautifully.  Port tunnelling, Xwindows, the whole
nine yards.

Now I'm trying to get Dreamweaver MX to use it properly so I can
connect over the proxy server (its firewall settings don't seem to
work for a proxy server).  It uses Plink to create a secure shell
connection.  BUT that does not appear to work either.

Setting Dreamweaver aside for a moment, I've tried getting Plink
independently to make a connection over the proxy.  It won't do it!

E.g., I have a session saved in Putty, call it "proxy", that
successfully connects a Putty session over the proxy server to the
destination server, call it "destination".  If I run Putty and
open session "proxy", I am able to successfully connect and log
in to server "destination".

I should also be able to use the following command line:

plink -load proxy username@destination

But, I get the error message:
"FATAL ERROR: Network error: No route to host"

Well, d'uh, of course there's no route to the host!  You're
supposed to be using the Proxy server to get there!

SO --- am I doing something wrong, or have I discovered a bug?

(Please respond to the group. This particular e-mail account gets
so much spam, I rarely ever read it anymore.)

Re: Putty 0.54 Bug? -- Using a Proxy server with Plink

WHOA!! Don't everybody respond at once!

Anyhow, in case anyone *does* happen to read this and
wonder how it all got resolved, it turns out I had
Putty 0.54, but I still had Plink 0.53b.  Such is the
problem with downloading programs as you need them,
instead of just getting the whole package at the same
time. Acquiring Plink at the same release level as
Putty solved the problem with Plink connecting using
a Putty configuration session.

Now, Dreamweaver still doesn't work, but that's a problem
for another day.

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