Putty 0.54 Bug - Clipboard Copy causes Fatal "Out of memory!" error

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     putty 0.54
     screen size: 43 rows x 120 cols
     OS: WinXP SP1
     protocol: SSH-2

     LEAF (minimalist Linux-based firewall box)
     OS: Linux 2.4.20
     SSH server: OpenSSH - 3.7.1p2

     - log into Host
     - execute: clear
     - invoke putty's 'clear scrollback'
     - execute: cat /etc/shorewall/rules
        - file is approx 16,000 bytes
     - using scrollback, go to top of scrollback 'history'
     - highlight approx first 50% of file (+/- 8,000 bytes worth)
        - this is approx 15 'screens worth' (based on the 43 lines/screen)
     - upon releasing the mouse button (which could cause the
copy-to-clipboard to take effect) I get a msgbox:
         title="PuTTY Fatal Error"
         contents="Out of memory!"

     Curiously, if I instead invoke putty's "Copy all to clipboard" this
works fine.

Just bringing this to the attention of the putty team.

Thanks for putty - it is a sweet, well-designed tool!

BTW, if further info is required could a reply please be made to

Please adjust the email addy, above, so as to remove the single letter
'zed' and replace it with the letter 'ess'.


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