psftp on unix with big-file-support?

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I'm a bit stuck here :) The task sounds simply. Transfer a file>2GB
*securely* from one host to another and have the possibility of "reget",
which is always handy in such cases.

After apache failed handling such big files without a complete recompile
and I didnt manage to tunnel ftp proper through ssh (seems rather
difficult cause of varying dataports) I ended up using the unix-port of
psftp (1000 thnx to simon t. for putty and the port), which can do all I

Unfortunately it does not support big files:

psftp> reget monthly.imap.00-06-15.recreate.tgz
reget: restarting at file position 2147483647
=> local:monthly.imap.00-06-15.recreate.tgz
File size limit exceeded

any (easy?) way to compile this into psftp?

thnx a lot,


Re: psftp on unix with big-file-support?

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Try rsync (compiled with large file support) over ssh (ie "rsync -e ssh").
Recent rsyncs default to ssh as the transport, so the latter bit may even
be redundant.

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Re: psftp on unix with big-file-support?

Darren Tucker wrote:
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thnx. I tried already. rsync also failed on such big files to me and
spend a lot of hardwareresources to get the delta-information, which is
kind of overkill.
I reverted to split and dd to procuce smaller junks that can be handled
by psftp (and even with https)



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