psftp as a static library?

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I am using putty in my ftp client and trying to use psftp for ssh. I
have successfully build a static library out of putty code(Only psftp
related). Now actually i am trying to do ssh server to ssh server
transfer using a client which connects individually to both the
servers. I am planning to move the code in files, psftp.h and psftp.c
in my application.

I would like to ask couple of questions here.
1. Is it possible to use putty the way i decribed i am trying to use.
Lib was made without any problems. But is the static library possible
or modifications are required.
2. Is there a way i can set the socket handle to be used for all the

I see three global variables in psftp.h shouldn't they be non static
or should i put them in a structure to make two connections to might
be different servers.
static Backend *back;
static void *backhandle;
static Config cfg;

I would also like to have comments, suggestions about issues of using
putty as a sftp client in my application.

Thank You.

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