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We transfer many times a day files from one server to another using
scp protocol. If everything is fine for a long period, sometimes the
transfer just hangs for some hours and then it continues back 3 hours
later for example.
Is there any timeout during connection to avoid such 3 hours latency ?

Here is the command we are using
pscp -v -pw xxxx -batch user@10.xx.x.x:emis//loi//RECOIDE.TXT
d:\recep\loi\ 2>scJJMMHHMM.txt

When everything goes ok (and it works 99,99 % times), transfer is
really fast
But when it hangs we don't have a lot of debug informations (just :
Looking up host 10.xx.x.x
Connecting to 10.xx.x.x port 22

and that's all... Is there a way to have connection timeout or
something like it ?

Re: pscp hanging (Cedric Fontaine) wrote in message
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Have a look at the following thread, the same problem discoursed and
some solution have been suggested


Re: pscp hanging

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In fact, we know that pscp sometimes just hangs for some hours... And
3hours later  it will finish the process.

I'm just wondering how could it be possible that pscp just hangs for 3
hours ? Is there a way to avoid such latency ? Is there any timeout
parameter or is this a bug ?

Re: pscp hanging

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When I visit that page I get a thread "Compiling scp statistics" which
doesn't seem to mention PSCP or SCP hangs, or timeouts, at all.

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