PSCP Automation Problems

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I have a VB 6 program that is attemtping to automate several PSCP
I build the connection string, I have all the keys in place.

The VB program I can see shell out the DOS window, I can see the pscp
load in the Task Manager. But nothing happens.

I take the exact ConnString from my logs and paste it directly into a
DOS window, it works fine.... ???

I am using a Shell command.
lProcID = Shell(sApp, vbNormalFocus)

sApp = pscp.exe -v -batch -i H:\SFTP Transfer\privatekey.ppk
Tester@ C:\incoming\

No errors displayed.

Question #2 - How do I capture the pscp output? I tried piping it, but
that does not create a file, I assume because the parameters are not
getting sent the exe correctly and is the same reason the auto fails,
but the same string ran manually works fine.

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