Programmatic interface to ssh

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I'm modifying a program that previously used a telnet connection to
communicate to a server.  The program had control of input and output
to the telnet session, as if a user was typing at a command prompt.  In
general a program using telnet is sometimes called an MML or CLI
interface [man-machine language or command-line interface].

My mission is to replace telnet with ssh.  I have searched this group
and the OpenSSH and OpenSSL sites for some time and there seems to be
no library that allows a program to access an ssh shell.

One idea I had was to pore over Putty code to see how the Putty program
uses OpenSSL or OpenSSH libraries to achieve a command-line interface,
and figure out how to rewire it so the program has control of input and

I had hoped that when the program runs it could use the ~/.ssh
directory files or else fallback to password login to the remote

Is there a good way to program to ssh?  There seems to be no library
for a program to do this sort of thing.

Re: Programmatic interface to ssh

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It doesn't.  It has an independent implementation of the SSH protocol built
into it.

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You can always run Plink in a pair of pipes.

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There's libssh: <

I've no idea if it's any use.

Ben Harris

Re: Programmatic interface to ssh

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There is also this:

I've been using perl to drive different versions of SSH over the last
few years.  Because of the different command-lines and so on it would
be easier to use only one version (but that's outside my control).

But I would like to throw custard over the developers who use a 0 return
code on failure.

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