Problems running a program over non-interactive SSH connection.

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I'm having a problem executing a program over SSH using plink, but it
will work if I manually login then run the same program.  I've looked
at everything I can think of, but don't know if there is a setting
somewhere to allow programs like plink.exe to mimic an interactive SSH
login.  I'm currently reading through Oreilly's SSH book but was hoping
someone knew of a quick fix. :)

The program I am using is a custom admin client for RSA's SecurID,
which has to run on the SecurID server (a limitation of their SDK).  I
have used both plink and a Perl script to run the program over SSH,
both failed.

The idea behind using a script was to mimic an interactive login,
hoping that the remote side wouldn't know the difference.  Either this
isn't possible or I'm missing something.

Does anyone know if it is possible to mimic an interactive shell via

The client side is running Windows, with plink.exe, ActivePerl (with
Net-SSH-W32Perl installed) and the server is running Solaris 8 with

I've run truss on the server side to look for problems but have not
been able to locate anything (although I don't claim to understand all
of the output).

Thanks for any help,


Re: Problems running a program over non-interactive SSH connection.

It would help if you said what the problem was.  At a guess, perhaps you
need to use the -t switch?

  Richard Silverman

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