Problems opening PuTTY saved sessions via Windows command line

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I love PuTTY, and use it a LOT... but I dread restarting my machine,
because I have to re-open, and reposition many windows, in order to
restart my operating environment.

I've tried scripting this in a windows batch file, and tried
variations of the commands (shown below), but they only 'launch
PuTTY'...I get to the PuTTY Configuration dialogue box, but the
invoked session is not picked... I still need to select which console
I want with a mouse. I've experienced this under Win 2000 Server.
WinXP Pro, and now WinVista Pro.

Sample command syntaxes (all only open the config dialogue);

  c:\Users\zonker\putty.exe @console
  c:\Users\zonker\putty.exe -load console
  c:\Users\zonker\putty.exe -load "console"

I can open a 'generic' window from the command line (using the default
configuration), using the syntax below;

  c:\Users\zonker\putty.exe -ssh -2 -pw

However, I make great use of the screen/font colors, logging settings,
and window opening all my windows using the default settings
defeats my efforts

I've occassionally tried using the 'latest' builds, but this still
thwarts me. I've seen clues about where the registry settings are
stored, and this has helped me 'clone' settings to other machines (by
exporting the registry bits to a USB flash drive, and then moving the
flash to the next machine and double-clicking on the bits), but I
can't figure out how to 'launch' the session tied to a registry bit.

Am I missing something? (If so, it may not be in the FAQ, and it
*should* be added... ;-) Maybe this is a Feature Request. (Or a Bug
Fix request, if the feature is supposed to work as described in the

  Thanks for the help.


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