problem with putty and remote tunnel on "another" IP

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Hi everybody.

I have a problem using remote tunnel with Putty

Let's take 3 PCs :

- A : Windows XP with OpenSSH which the server.
- B1 : Windows 2000 with Putty (latest)
- B2 : another PC on the same lan which B1 is on.

I making a remote tunnel like this :
B1 connects to A, having a remote tunnel pointing from the_port to B2 on

 From comp. B1, "telnet B2 the_port" is ok.
On comp. A, a "telnet localhost the_port" have a start of the response,
but does not give the full answer i expect.

Using tcpview on A, sshd is listening on the_port but.
In fact, it seems that the packet stop at B1 and is not going on B2,
which is confirmed by tcpview on B1 (no activity detected when doing
"telnet localhost the_port" on A).

I try with plink and the -v swith to see what happens when doing "telnet
localhost the_port" on A :

Received remote port open request for IP_B2:the_port
Forwarded port opened successfully
Forwarded port closed

These three lines appears nearly at once (no delay between 2nd and 3rd line)

Anyone has a suggestion ?

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