Problem running programs via SSH on Windows 2000

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    Greetings. I have been going crazy trying to solve a problem with
SSH that I have been unable to resolve or even find mentioned here or
on the web.

    I recently installed openSSH (3.8p.1) on two windows 2000 machines.
Everything installed and configured fine. What I am trying to do is SSH
into one of the Windows 2000 machines from an HPUX system and execute a
batch file.

    I have been able to do this easily enough with a password, however
when I generate keys and use a challenge-response method for the login
it will not execute any exe files. I can still SSH in, do directory
listings, even run batch files... However if I try to run executable
code (even from the batch file) it hangs on the client side and there
is no information in the even logs on the windows side.

    I tried running sshd in debug mode but when i do that.. well it
works fine even when using challenge-response so I have been unable to
log any errors... it just hangs. So it works if running as a service
and I use password authentication, or if running in debug mode and
challenge-response with authorizd_keys is used. It does not work
completely or log any errors if running as a service and challenge
response is used.

    If anyone has experienced these symptoms before and can offer some
advice I would appreciate it greatly.

Re: Problem running programs via SSH on Windows 2000

zipster wrote:
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yes, i have made this kind of experience kind too, unfortunately

we switched our ssh-installation on Windows2000 to SFU using Interix
UNIX utilities (can be dl'd from M$). These includes all the right stuff
like "ps", "ksh" and even a working "sshd". The installation is

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