Problem of transfering files using scp

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Hi, all
     I am working under linux with scp to transfer files between the
machines. But my network is not stable, the network alway disconnect
several times every hour.
    My problem happens  when i transfer some big file. Sometimes during
the transferring, the network becomes disconnected,        the scp will
terminate, and i find i will transfer the file again from the file
start. It is really a waste of time.
   Can the scp have the feature that can continue the transfer at the
point terminated last time? So that i don't need to transfer the file
again and again.

   Thank you for any suggestion, it is really helpful for me.

Re: Problem of transfering files using scp

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Not scp by itself, but there should be some solutions for copying files
with restart option on interrupted transfers. I believe rsync is one
such solution, and rsync can use ssh as its transport protocol, so
security is not compromised.
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Re: Problem of transfering files using scp

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Search the n/g for other posted solutions.  Some mentioned are RSYNC
(can use SSH) and look at the post "PuTTY 0.54 is released: SFTP UNIX
port supports reput/reget?"  There is source code for PSFTP from
Simon's site that should compile under Linux.  His version of SFTP,
called PSFTP', support the reget/reput that will support the
functionality you require.  Although it's not SCP, it will do what you

Jack Moe

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