Problem in SSH login to layer 3 device using plink

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I want to connect to a layer 3 device using plink(commadn line utility
of Putty).
When I use "root" account to connect, it is very well connecting to
the device and giving me prompt to execute my commands.

But when I use "admin" account to connect, it is connecting to the
device but not giving a prompt. Instead its waiting for some user

My goal is to automate the connection and get a prompt to execute my
commands on the layer 3 device. Since the plink application is waiting
for user inputs, I am not able to automate it.

When I try to give the user inputs at the time of creating a
connection using plink, the user inputs are taken as commands. Since
at this time there is no prompt it is giving an error.

When I use Putty instead of Plink, using the same "admin" account, I
am able to login directly to the device and get the prompt. No user
inputs are asked in this case.

Is there any way to achieve the same using Plink?
Can I make plink to by pass the user inputs?
Any help / suggestions are highly appreciated.

Mentioned below are the steps I performed -

1. plink -ssh -l admin -pw admin (in commadn prompt)
Output is -
Using username "admin"
<-[c   (This is the 1st place where its asking for user input i.e any
key stroke)

You are connecting with a non vt100 compliant terminal
Please state the terminal type you wish to use
        a) vt100
        b) vt102
Please note, that if your terminal is not compliant with the chosen
terminal type, characters may display wrongly.
(This is the 2nd place where it asks for user input i.e either a or b)

Starting CLI application.

admin# (prompt)

When connecting through Putty GUI, the above mentioned 2 user inputs
are skipped (not asked). My requirement is to simulate the same using

Re: Problem in SSH login to layer 3 device using plink

Quoted text here. Click to load it
Quoted text here. Click to load it

It looks as though your server is expecting a terminal emulator on the
client; the "[c" looks like an uninterpreted "DA" escape sequence[1]
from the server, in response to which it's expecting an escape
sequence identifying the terminal type. Since PuTTY contains a
terminal emulator, it will send a response, but Plink doesn't so it

  [1] for instance, search for "Device Attributes" in

When you type "any key stroke", that almost certainly won't be what
the server was expecting, hence its deductio that you are "connecting
with a non vt100 compliant terminal" and fall back to manual

Assuming you can't persuade the server to stop doing this, your
automation will probably have to supply an appropriate response to
this "prompt".

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