prngd not seeded error on sco unixware 7.1.1

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I have downloaded the latest versions of ssh-3.4.p1 and prngd-0.9.22  as
well as ssl-0.9.6e and zlib-1.1.4 .  After installation and starting
sshd I receive the error that prngd is not seeded and sshd bails.
I have tried various things to get this working, included defining the
config file and seed file within the start up of prngd .  Another option
was putting my linking my egd-pool to /dev/urandom.  This actually
produced a different effect, instead of bailing the program actually
started to do the key generation, but just hung there with that, not
doing anything.

If anyone has any ideas, please feel free to make suggestions.

Thanks in advance


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