PPTP or PPP over SSH?

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I have an application which has a server running at the companies HQ
and a client at a remote site. Both the server and client are running
on Linux machines.
The HQ and remote site are connected over a VPN with only ssh enabled.
Client and server programs have a strange way to communicate:
- both server and client can start a TCP connection to the other.
- They pick almost random TCP ports from a given range.
- And very important: they need the actual source and destination IP
addresses to work well.

So (I think) I need a tool which runs at both the server and the client
that takes communication directed to the other side, tunneling it over
ssh to the other side, where it is released with the original source
and destination IP addresses. It needs to do this for only the given
range of TCP ports.

I spend the afternoon googling for terms like VPN, tunneling, SSH and
found that
PPTP or PPP over SSH might be the solution.

Can the above be realized by PPTP or PP over SSH or are there other



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