PPP-Over-SSH and Windows

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Hi Everyone!

I have configured a simple VPN by connecting to my Linux-Box via ssh. To
get access to my local net, I tunnel the PPP protocol. To do this, I use
pppd as the login shell for the ssh account with the following options:


For connections from Linux clients this solution works (as it is described
in the VPN-HOWTO).
Now I'm trying to establish the connection from a windows client. To get
access through the existing connection, I used the driver, that comes with
the Mogura-Project (www.kmc.gr.jp/proj/vpn/).
I managed to configure the driver, and successfully authenticate after I
changed the noauth in my /etc/ppp/options.server  to auth, and provided a
dummy pap-secrets file that allows all users without passwords.

But then the connection fails on LCP ConfReq with the message "LCP:
timeout sending Config-Requests".
I believe, I missed some parameter, but I don't know which, since the
Modura Readme is only available in Japanese, which I can't read.

Can anyone help?


Re: PPP-Over-SSH and Windows

I solved the problem myself, by omitting the whole PPP thing.

Since PPP-over-SSH is not a good solution anyway, I changed the whole
configuration, now using SOCKS5 to tunnel the required ports.
It gives much better control, than PPP, and is more stable.

Anyway, thanks to anyone, who was reading my posting.

kind regards,

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