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I'm using SecureCRT 5.2.1 and i want to make ssh tunnel to access some
UNIX servers which i can't access directly from my computer.

I'm fairly new to this so i have no clue what to do.

here is the scenario:

I have to access Host 2 , but to get to host 2 i have to first access

My Windows copmuter ---> Host1 --->Host2

I want to be able to access Host2 without going through the process of
logging into Host1 every time i open a new tab, just like in Putty if
i create a tunnel i can access other hosts till the time i have the
window open to the jump box. Is there a way of doing it on SecureCRT?
I don't know how to set on SecureCRT....

Can anyone please help me....


Re: Port Forwarding

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okay,   pick a port to use locally.  Oh, what teh hell, let's use

And we'll connect to HOst1 and say "hey,  securcrt,  create a local
listener on my windows computer at port 9022,  and I want you to
forward that bad boy to Host2 port 22."

So, then to get to computer 2,  I can then just ssh to localhost:9022
and by the magic of port forwarding,   that conenction hits host2 on
its standard ssh port.

How to do it:

press the new session button, or modify the configuration of an
existing session that you have for Host 1.

Under connection> port forwarding>    click the ADD button.

Under the name for this forwarded connection,  put any name.  Say  "host2via9022"

In the local section leave the checkbox blank and enter 9022 for the

In the remote section checkmark the box "Destination host is different
from the ssh server"   enter the IP for Host2, and enter Port: 22.

For application, leave it blank.

Hit okay,  and the next time you use that profile for HOst1    just
login there.  

Then, you can create a new profile  for ssh2   host address
(this is a special "localhost" or loopback address that points to your
windows computer)   and in the port field put 9022.

Then just login with that profile.

To look at this another way, it's good for understanding. If you
weren't using SecureCRT and instead using a command line ssh client,
it would be:

windowscomputer$   ssh -L9022:IP.OF.HOST2:22   host1username@host1

Then in a separate window:

windowscomputer$  ssh -p 9022    and that would get you to host2

If all that doesn't answer your question, point me to the boxes you're
filling in in putty that do what you want and maybe I can translate
that into securecrt-ese for ya.

Todd H.
http://www.toddh.net /

Re: Port Forwarding

On Feb 29, 8:58 pm, comph...@toddh.net (Todd H.) wrote:
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Awesome... You're the man..... Thanks a lot... It works... I really
appreciate your help....

Thanks again...


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