POP3 tunnel on demand?

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I use openssh to tunnel my POP3 connection from my Windows laptop to my
server, to avoid exposing the password in the clear.  However, lately
I've been on the road, and the ssh tunnel tends to be pretty fragile.
I never know whether the POP3 connection will work until I try, and
then there's an annoying delay waiting for it to time out when the
tunnel has gone down.

I'd like to try some sort of "on demand" tunnelling, where I open a
on my laptop, and when the mail program connects to it, it opens a
tunnel to the server.  There'll be a delay for the connection, but at
least it will be a
predictable delay.

This message from last year:


seems to have a similar problem, but I was not able to understand the

Can anyone tell me (or point me to a description) of how to do what I
want to do, i.e. open a port on my laptop which, when connected to,
will automatically open a tunnel to port 110 on my server?

Thanks in advance.

Re: POP3 tunnel on demand?

google@murdoch-sutherland.com wrote:

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Assuming your mail program retries after failure maybe one simple
plan is to have a program that listens to 110 on localhost and when
it gets a connection it quits and starts the required ssh client.
Several seconds later your mail client retries and should succeed.

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