Plink hangs at times

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Hello all,

We are using Plink (v58) to remotely execute some commands on a Solaris
9 server. This works fine in most of the cases, but hangs once in a

I wrote a small batch file to reproduce the problem.

rem echo off

777 -p /tmp/MyInstaller/ABCD


date /T
time /T
goto HH

If you run this batch file, after some time the plink will hang at one
of the command. On the solaris server, we can see that the command is
executed, but the plink some how is not informed about it.

To debug further, I put some traces in the plink code ( v58 ). I could
see that it is waiting at the MsgWaitForMultipleObjects(...) call. This
call gets timed out ( return value 258) after 5 minutes and then it
goes back to wait again and again. ( In the normal succesful case
MsgWaitForMultipleObjects should have returned 0 indicating that the
event "netevent" is signalled, but this never happens in the hang case

Another intresting thing is that the plink comes out of the hang state
when you press some key on the keyboard ( MsgWaitForMultipleObjects
returns 1 indicating an stdin)

Have anyone faced a similar problem??? Please feel free to get back to
me for further information.

Any ides how to overcome this problem???

Thanks and best regards,

Re: Plink hangs at times writes:
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Quoted text here. Click to load it

Nothing immediately springs to mind (other than that the server might be
playing up).

It might be interesting to see an SSH packet log, to see Plink's view
of the SSH traffic for both a successful and a failing connection. In
your setup you'd probably want to use the "always overwrite" mode.

Probably best to send it directly to the PuTTY development team; see
< .
(Note the limits on the size of files attached to email.)

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