Please help - how can I VNC through SSH from work to home?

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Hi all,

I have been reading various guides and tutorials about how to do this
but I end up going round in circles with ports and ssh etc. Could
somebody please give me an easy step-by-step guide of what I need to
install and how to configure it using the following setup ?

---- WORK -----

PC Win 2K
I have an SSH enabled VNC viewer, 'SSHVNC'
(this handles connecting to a VNC server through SSH)
| Connect to<some port ?>
| with SSH username and password
---- HOME -----

Linux firewall machine running IPCop
Let's call this
| Some sort of port forwarding in IPCop to my home PC?
PC Win 2K (the setup of this really confuses me)
Running Real VNC (I think this listens to local port 5900 by default)

What else do I need, some sort of SSH server? Which one, Putty? How do
I configure this so it accepts requests from the firewall machine and
passes them on to Win VNC server?

If someone could break it down for me I would really appreciate it.
Many Thanks!

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