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We would like to use ssh2, and NOT enter a password.

I have tried to read the documentation on this and haven't seen it anywhere
in a plain and simple manner...

1) Create a hostkey.
2) Put it  .ssh2/authorization?
3) Put it in .ssh2/authorized_keys?

Someone please explain it simply!


Re: Plain & Simple . . . wrote:
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Making the assumption that you are using a default OpenSSH installation
at both ends on a unix system (these details would sure help)

1. Create a key pair (not a host key)
2. Copy the public part to ~/.ssh/authorized_keys on the remote machine
3. Copy the private part to ~/.ssh/id_rsa on the local machine

These file names are specified in the config files, so you may want to
check them to make sure that you have a configuration that you expect


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