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In OpenSSH, I'd like to require users to use public-key authentication
AND to enter their local password. I've tried to configure PAM to do
this with "auth require pam_unix" in pam.d/sshd, but it stills
authenticates users without their password. How can I do this?


Re: pam_unix and UsePAM

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You can't. PAM can't provide SSH public-key authentication, OpenSSH only
uses PAM for password and keyboard-interactive authentication, and
OpenSSH will only use one authentication method for a given session.
The first two aren't likely to change, but the last one could. Of course
with keyboard-interactive + PAM you could in principle implement some
combination of password and "non-SSH-protocol" public-key authentication
yourself (this would entail at least writing a) a PAM module and b) a
client-side tool that used the private key to sign a random string - the
challenge given by the PAM module).

--Per Hedeland

Re: pam_unix and UsePAM

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With the stock OpenSSH, you can't.  There's an enhancement request[1]
that would allow you to do it by compiling in PAM support, setting
UsePAM=yes and setting RequiredAuthentications to require both
Password and Publickey.

There's a patch too but I'm not sure if it will apply to current versions
of OpenSSH.

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