pageant command line options

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I would like to put a shortcut like this...
"C:\Program Files\Secure Tools\pageant.exe" H:\keys\PuTTY.ppk the 'All Users' Startup folder (on all Windows machines on our
network), where H: is mapped to each users' home area.

I've written instructions showing the users how to generate & save
their private key and asked them to it in H:\keys\putty.PPK

So, if the above PuTTY Agent runs, it will find the user's key (if it
exists) & ask for the passphrase (if required - which I've insisted
the users add!).

The problem is, if H:\keys\putty.ppk doesn't exist (which it won't for
alot of users), PuTTY Agent pops up a dialogue with "Couldn't load
this key (unable to open file)".

If I try & trick it by creating a zero-length putty.ppk (if it doesn't
already exist), PuTTY Agent complains with "Couldn't load this key
(not a private key)"

So, what I really need for this to work for all users (with & without
a private key), is a pageant command line option that says "don't
complain if a private key is not found", e.g....
"C:\Program Files\Secure Tools\pageant.exe" --quiet H:\keys\PuTTY.ppk

Any plans for something like this? Anyone managed to do something

Re: pageant command line options

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Why can't you just run a batch file, along the lines of

  if exist h:\keys\putty.ppk start pageant.exe h:\keys\putty.ppk
  if not exist h:\keys\putty.ppk start pageant.exe

Even Windows's rather poor scripting ability should be more than
capable of this; there shouldn't be a need to bloat actual
applications with this kind of thing.
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Re: pageant command line options


I knew you'd be keeping an eye on this newsgroup - thanks for the
swift reply!

We weren't thinking laterally enough yesterday to come up with a
simple script like that.  Sounds like a good idea - I'll give that a
go instead.


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